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Dear colleagues,

The IMU has since 2003 published an electronic newsletter aiming to improve communication between IMU and the worldwide mathematical community, by reporting decisions and recommendations of IMU, and highlighting issues that are under discussion.

In addition, IMU-Net will report on major international mathematical events and developments, and on other topics of general mathematical interest. Martin Raussen of Aalborg University, Denmark is the editor of the IMU-Net. His email address is

Due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) directive introduced by the European Union in 2018 in order to protect personal privacy, we had to cancel all current subscriptions. You will have to re-subscribe to the IMU-Net in order to continue receiving it. Please go to
and resubscribe today!

If you received the IMU-Net 92: November 2018, you have already re-subscribed, and no further action is required.

Please distribute this information in the mathematical community in your country.


Helge Holden

Prof. Helge Holden
Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union

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