Australian Mathematical Society

The Australian Mathematical Society is the national society of the mathematics profession in Australia.

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Our Mission

We promote the mathematical sciences and their applications in Australia.
We represent mathematics, and the interests of mathematics related professions, to the Australian community and government.
We commit to diversity, access and equity in all our programs and our advocacy.
Our activities reflect the wide-ranging interests of our membership.

Our Members

We are professional and industrial mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries, mathematics teachers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students. Amongst us are Fields Medallists, winners of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science and many Fellows of the Academy of Science. All our members are passionate about mathematics!


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Benefits of membership

Vitally, your membership ensures that Australia has a strong, diverse mathematical sciences base. Together we maintain and develop the teaching of mathematical sciences at all levels, build Australia’s research capacity, and support the mathematical sciences infrastructure for the sciences, engineering and industry. Our Special Interest Groups create various research communities and our committees encourage grass-roots involvement by motivated members. Our vibrant Women In Mathematics Special Interest Group pursues an exciting and crucial agenda. Personal Benefits of membership include:

  • reduced registration fees at the events sponsored by the Society
  • access to student support for event attendance
  • access to the Society’s Early Career Researcher programs
  • access to our conference organisers grants scheme
  • reduced subscription rates to our journals
  • eligibility to apply for Fellowship or other accreditations
  • reduced reciprocal membership of affiliated international societies
  • eligibility for our prizes and personal grants

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ANZIAM 2022 has a website! But please be patient - typing with quokka fingers is slow work, and I’m a bit behind on the technology will be @uwanews @uwaresearch in February 2022.

Categories and Companions Symposium
June 8–12, 2021

An online event for research students in category theory and related disciplines to meet each other and share their work

Supported by @MATRIX_Inst and @DiscoverAMSI

Handy as a lookup if you don't want to scan a table of homotopy groups of spheres!

#homotopy #topology

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